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Holding a Workshop for Governments and Industrial Parks on Attracting Business




This meeting targets at learning and exchanging opinions on the new situation,new move,new method and new information in the present environment in order to promote investment attraction precisely,with both good quantity and quality;and facilitating the location of the project more quickly with the coordination and cooperation of governments and industrial parks,combining all parts of matchmaking meetings,field trips,business talks and location decisions.About 80 people including directors of commercial bureaus and industrial parks attended the workshop from different cities,counties and districts all over the country.


协办Glory J科创投融资对接会圆满落幕

Glory J Matchmaking Meeting on Investment and Financing Successfully Completed with the Assistance of Oribiz



此次会议旨在积极推动落实 “大众创业、万众创新”,为企业家借助资本市场做大做强产业提供全方位支持幸运彩app下载服务。此次共6个科技创新项目,涉及韩国电子广告屏项目、生物科技项目、互联网项目等领域。20余家知名投融资机构出席活动。

This meeting targets at “Startup for the Public and Innovation for All”and provide all-round service for entrepreneurs strengthening their company by aid of the capital market.There are 6 projects displayed at the meeting,including Korean electronic advertisement screen project,biotechnology project and internet project.More than twenty famous financing institutions attended the meeting.



Leave for the US for investigation and exchange




Oribiz has been invited to attend Silicon Valley high-end talent summit, visited Zhongguancun Silicon Valley Innovation Center Base, and talked with the relevant high-tech enterprises about the projects in multiple field such as the medical instruments and intelligent equipment manufacturing.


Participated in SXSW grand meeting and communicated with multiple high-tech companies about the top technology project achievements and will cooperate to promote the settlement and layout of several  high-tech projects in China.


Investigated and exchanged the American high-end semiconductor parts project and the American biological medicine project, met with two American resource parties, signed the cooperation agreements with the resource parties in term of introducing the foreign investment attraction projects to the Chinese market.


Was invited to attend "Mayor - Asian Science and Technology Delegation" meeting of Austin, Texas, USA, and cooperated to promote the US-funded enterprises in multiple fields such as the biological medicine, high-tech materials and modern service industry to enter China.



Holding a Seminar on Improving Services Concerning Attracting Business and Setting up a VIP Service System




This meeting introduces 3 VIP packages on “Promoting Investment Attraction Quickly ,with Good Quality and in a Long Term”,in order to Enhance the Serving awareness of different departments of the government,improve the effects of their work and increase the accuracy of matchmaking ,follow-up and location decisions of the project.



Holding German Wuppertal Investment Symposium




The meeting aims to build a platform for cooperation between Chinese and German enterprises to promote economic and trade ties between the two countries. Participants include Mayor of Wuppertal Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dr.Johannes Slavische, Director of Economic Promotion Council, Dr.Fu Lu, Song Nan of China Competence Center Wuppertal and several representatives of well-known enterprises in Wuppertal, covering industries like food and beverage, construction and building materials, equipment manufacturing, smart home, education and didactics, etc.



Investment and development meeting of Gwinnett County, the United States



此次会议旨在让谷内特郡相关参会人员与中国各大行业协会进行深度交流,寻求合作发展,美国谷内特郡委员会副郡长Jace Brooks、美国诺克罗斯市市长Bucky Johnson、美国谷内特郡商会/经济合作发展部高级副总裁Nick Masino等参会。

The meeting aims to let participants from Gwinnett County make in-depth communication and exchanges with China’s major industry associations to seek cooperation and development. Participants include Jace Brooks from Board of Commissioners of Gwinnett County, Mayor of Norcross Bucky Johnson and senior vice president Nick Masino of Gwinnett’s Chamber of Commerce and economic cooperation department.